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How much do you know about senior hunger? – Take the quiz.

No one plans to go hungry. But today, more than 10 million seniors are at risk of hunger – forced to skip meals or spend their limited incomes on cheaper, less nutritious options. AARP Foundation is dedicating February as Senior Hunger Awareness Month to bring additional attention to this growing issue.

Get educated about hunger in the U.S. – and then share what you've learned with friends and family. It only takes a minute.

Question What is the reason that so many older adults in the US are at-risk for hunger?

Question Older adults without access to sufficient quantities of healthful food have higher rates of which health problem:

Question What is the most important factor that influences where adults 65+ shop for food?

Question The pre-recession rate of hunger among older adults was 13.8 percent in 2007. What is the rate today?

Question What is the annual cost of hunger and lack of access to nutritious food to the US healthcare system?



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