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AARP Foundation
Your tax-deductible contribution to AARP Foundation’s Experience Corps will connect seniors with students in their communities. As senior tutors help struggling students improve their literacy and chances of long-term academic success, they’re also sharing their love of learning and a lifetime of experience. Your generous gift can keep this work going and help us expand to new cities and school across the country.


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o Please charge the above amount to my credit card. My credit card information is provided on this form.

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o I have included a check for the above amount, made payable to AARP Foundation.

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o Please keep in touch with me by email about AARP Foundation events and activities.

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Please send this form and your contribution to:
AARP Foundation
PO BOX 93207
Long Beach, CA 90809-3207

Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please remember AARP Foundation in your will and estate plan. Thank you!

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